Welcome to Mint Valley Paper…

Mint Valley Paper is a privately owned and operated paper products manufacturer. We are a diverse team of experienced paper professionals who share a common philosophy.

We know that we have certain responsibilities as a paper company:

  • A responsibility to provide quality products.
  • A responsibility to use our natural resources in a clean, sustainable way.
  • A responsibility to provide a safe work environment, living wages, and job security to our employees.

We also know that doing things the right way should never be viewed as a hindrance to economic success; it is simply good business (and it lets us sleep at night). This sense of responsibility guides our business activities and we believe it provides us with a real strength and a long-term purpose. (Read more about Mint Valley Paper’s mission.)

Stay in touch with Mint Valley

Please send us a message with your thoughts and questions at info@mintvalleypaper.com.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about what makes Mint Valley Paper different.